Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Last Post???

In the British Army, they play a thing called "Last Post" which is the last bugle call before lights out (in the American military, we use "Taps"). Since it's getting real close to when Heather will be released, this might be her "Last Post." But who knows? These pictures are "around Bay Shore..."

This is Heather doing her "Audrey Hepburn" look. Black & White, too!! Heather says, "I call it 'Muy Caliente.' " Sure.
Heather says, "Chayanne is a really HOT Latin singer. I 'HEART' him!"
This is Azia, one of the young women in the ward. Heather says, "We were trying to take a decent picture and this is what we got... I was yelling at a member! LOL!"
And this is Sarah, another of the young women in the ward. She was making dinner for the LMs on the grill. The "Audrey" look picture was taken, according to Heather, "...while the meat was being cooked."

This is Georgie. It was his first birthday. I think he was really "in" to the cake!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New York is REALLY Pretty!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Heather's Coming Home!

Well, we got word from the mission office that Heather will be released in early July! Friends and family that would like that information can call us and we'll be happy to pass it on. Or, you can email and if we recognize your name (getting old, you know) we'll do it that way.