Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, it doesn't seem possible that Heather is halfway through her mission... but she is. One of the perks that missionaries in NYNYS get is a trip to the Manhattan Temple at their halfway point. The Temple is just up the street from Central Park, so there are also some pics from the park and one of Elder Merrill (another half-way-er) just because of the goofy look on his face...:-).

Trump Tower is also in that neighborhood, so there's a picture of the front of it. Heather had a wonderful, spiritual day at the Temple and had fun in Columbus Circle, which is at the southwest corner of Central Park and where most of the pictures were taken.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who's Who at the Zoo?

This week's district activity was a visit to the Queens Zoo. Apparently one of New York's cultural endeavors was to see that each of its boroughs has its own zoo, and the Queens version is located in Flushing, on the site of the old World's Fair (all you Men in Black fans will remember that's where the giant cockroach climbed up to the flying saucer that was on a tower... well, anyway). Heather and her comp, Sister Crandell, apparently had a good time.

They are working hard and teaching some terrific people. It's really hard to realize that Heather has now been out over half of her time. She is in good spirits and really enjoyed the opportunity to watch General Conference last weekend.