Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wanna Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?

Well, I guess it's really not for sale. But Heather's district went to see this world-famous landmark and took some GREAT pictures.

This is the plaque commenorating the building of the bridge back in 1869 and its reconstruction in 1954. It's amazing that people recognize this bridge right off, even if they've never been to New York.

Heather is just Heather (isn't that GREAT? :D) and she gets her comps to play right along. Sister Thomas is apparently just as wacko as her companion!

This is the gang outside Grimaldi's Under the Bridge, which is, according to some experts, THE BEST pizza in New York.
Incidentally, the guy in the middle with the cowboy hat is Elder Mendbayar from Mongolia, who just happens to know one of Jared's companions from Mongolia, Chinzo! Small world, no?

Heather took this picture of this lady's fingernails. You can see anything/everything in New York!

NY Remembers MJ

New York remembers the King of Pop, and Heather took the opportunity to add her comments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekly Update

Heather and Sister Thomas are working hard to catch up after the problem with Sister Fields. Heather says that Sister Thomas is "Awesome!" She was actually a Spanish-speaking missionary who was moved to be with Heather. The only bad part is that she goes home at the next transfer, so Heather will be getting a new companion. Again. Monday was a zone activity day, with soccer, frisbee, and that sort of thing. All the stuff that Heather hates to do; but they have food, so it's worth going to. As before, there are no new pictures to post, but I'm hoping.

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Companion

Heather has a new companion, Sister Thomas. Sister Fields had a medical condition that worsened, and she had to go home. Heather and her companion are working hard, teaching people, and doing the work! I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

BTW, no car in this area, so the sisters use public transportation.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th In Queens!

This is a shot of the New York Harbor fireworks show as seen from Queens. Unfortunately, Heather didn't get to see it, as she was in the ER all night with her companion, Sister Fields. Apparently Fields had had some kind of seizure, and the Mission President decided to send her back home to South Carolina. So Heather is now in a trio with the two Spanish-speaking sisters that are her pad-mates. She did say that the Richmond Hill elders had a bar-b-q on their roof that the district went to, and it was nice to watch the lights of the city and have some fellowship with the others in the district. Heather also said they don't have a car in this district, they use a Metro pass for buses and trains to get around. The next few weeks should be interesting in Queens.