Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heather Enters the MTC

Well, today was the big day. We took Heather to the MTC in Provo so she can start her mission. It was a sad-happy occasion. Jared came up from St. George to be with us, so we were all together. It meant a lot to Heather to have her big brother there.

The first picture is Heather at the door to go in. Notice the sign-- it says "Missionaries Enter Here." There's another door over to the right for the families and friends. Once inside they get their missionary badge and some other stuff. Then we have a short meeting where the missionaries and their families are told some basic rules and given some basic information. Then it's time to say goodbye. Heather and her mother were pretty teary. Jared (big brother) said, "Was it like this when I came? It's brutal!" And yes, Jared, it was exactly like that.

The second picture is, well, it doesn't need an explanation. Heather has her Sister Heather Burton badge on.