Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh Dear!!

Okay Willy I need your help in moving all this gibberish to another page so it doesn't take up so much room. I got it back on but w/o pictures I'm still working on it. Love, Lizee

Christmas 2007

"Christmas Makes You Feel Emotional" gung hay fat choi!
Life has blessed me and challenged me as it should. I have so very much to be thankful for; my children, grandchildren, family(siblings), friends and my two kitties-Sigmund and Sissy. This year I lost two of my sweet feline friends to the cat food contamination. My sweet Sydney and Stella. It was so sad and they left me so very quickly. The two feline/kitties I lost were both rescues and very feral.
It took over a year for Stella (momma kitty) to finally trust me and want to be near me. Syd on the other had was just a baby and he warmed up rapidly. I guess he told his mom that I could be trusted and not to be afraid. I adopted the two after my sweet little Chloe passed over the Rainbow Bridge about five years ago. How I miss that little girl. She was a Miniature(really a toy) Schnauzer and was the sweetest dog in the whole world. She died three years after my near fatal auto accident; which marked its 10th year this year. It's hard to believe a decade has passed although I know how much work I have put into trying to get back to my old self. It will never happen and I have resigned myself to that fact. I keep thinking "what do I really want to do when I grow up?" and then I tell myself "you have and now you are old", too funny! I enjoyed teaching for as long as I was able to teach but I don't believe it is something that I can do full-time any longer. I enjoy subbing in the school district I'm in but it is very hard work; at least for me. I know I will find where I'm suppose to be if I remain patient and willing.
Oh where was I, yes Christmas. Jolene and Naomi made Christmas a lovely time for me this year as did Jeff, Cindy and their family. Jolene is so much like my mother and reminds me alot of her in the special touches she gives to her home and other holidays. She writes beautiful poetry, but hasn't for a very long time. She is so creative and loving. She has done a wonderful job as a parent and has raised a beautiful, intelligent young lady that excels in everything she puts her mind too. Jeff is a great dad and loves his family as he has grown up doing. He and Cindy have three strong-willed children who are all different in their own way. His son always has "sugar" for grandma. In case you don't know what that means it is hugs and kisses for me. Jeff's two girls are lively and lovely. One is artistic and one (the almost Christmas baby) is sweet and caring AND a lefty like Jolene. All my grandchildren give me such joy and appreciation. I am so grateful for them. I hope the coming year will bring peace and comfort for all those who need it and that the conflict in Iraq will end so our men and women can return home. I pray for peace and well-being for all my family, friends and citizens of the world. To you all Happy New Year 2008!
This Christmas was wonderful and meaningful!

From Naomi and Jolene: We love you Mom and Grandma!! It was so much fun playing games and going to Fantasy Lights! Happy New Year 2008!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday Bash

It was so nice getting together last weekend at Harriet's. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone being there. I had a blast! When we were playing Guesstures I laughed so hard I had to leave the room! It was so cool seeing Jolene and Naomi, and Jeff and his kids. And Tim is a hoot! I am so full of things that I want to say that for some reason the words just won't come. I want you all to know that I love you and miss you. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. It means a great deal to me and I will remember this weekend for a long, long time.